Panic Attacks Symptoms

Overcome Panic AttacksPanic attacks symptoms are intense. And their intensity only reinforces a person’s fear and anxiety.  The onset can be rapid and feel like a tidal wave of fear. That’s how panic attacks felt to me.

Many sufferers say it can feel like a heart attack or that the feelings are so intense that they may lead to a heart attack. Panic attacks differ from general anxiety because of their sudden onset and are often unexpected and seemingly unprovoked.  Some of the physical panic attacks symptoms include:

  • A pounding or racing heart
  • Chest pains
  • Difficulty with breathing
  • An upset stomach or nausea
  • Strong hot flashes or chills (This was my most consistent symptom)
  • Dizziness
  • Light-headedness
  • Tingling or numbness in the hands

The mind can experience:

  • A feeling of terror
  • A dreamlike sensation
  • A need to escape
  • A feeling of losing control
  • A fear of embarrassment or humiliation (My strongest trigger)
  • Even a fear of dying
  • A fear of future panic attacks – triggering behavior that obsessively avoids situations where another panic attack could be experienced – leading to phobias.

Panic disorder symptoms – A consistent pattern of experiencing panic attacks symptoms and obsessive avoidance justifies a diagnosis of a panic disorder, and treatment is warranted.  3 million adult Americans suffer from panic disorders, and these panic disorder symptoms can seriously disrupt  their lives.  This disorder not only afflicts adults.  Teenagers are vulnerable, too.

A panic attack usually lasts several very intense minutes driven by uncontrollable fear. Panic attacks are not always precipitated by situations.  Many people suffer intense panic attacks while sleeping – suddenly awaking with powerful panic attacks symptoms requiring considerable time to calm down.

Panic attacks help – The fact that panic disorder symptoms trigger intense fear of future panic attacks makes panic attacks help so difficult.  Breaking the cycle of fear reinforced by more fear is critical to overcoming panic attacks in your life.  This blog will provide information and insights to help you in your fight against this terrible affliction.

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